Employee Benefits Consultant - Monetize Your License Pt.2

July 14, 2023


Welcome to Part 2 of our series: ‘How to Monetize Your Insurance License.' Our previous discussion explored the evolution of the traditional insurance agent's role into an employee benefits consultant. We touched upon the need to shift focus from selling products to providing a comprehensive benefits experience that addresses employees' unique needs.

Now, we delve deeper into the practicalities of this transformation. We'll explore overcoming potential challenges in the insurance marketplace, the advantages of having a strong online presence, and the importance of remaining carrier-agnostic.

This installment of our series is designed to equip you, whether a career starter or a seasoned professional looking to pivot, with the essential insights for thriving in the competitive employee benefits landscape. Let's unpack the process of becoming a successful insurance advisor in today's digital age.


For insurance agents selling a single carrier’s products and working in a physical office, new opportunities are straightforward; either someone is handing you your next assignment, or you’re walking to the next business on the block. What agents lack in flexibility and freedom, they make up for with consistency and locality.

Employee benefits consultants work on a case-by-case basis and, with the flexibility of multiple licenses and remote work, compete with producers on a national level. Being a big fish in a small pond no longer works. Drawing attention to yourself requires consistent promotion.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, about half of employers – 47% – said they wouldn't call a person for an interview if they couldn't find them online[9]. For budding insurance advisors, a strong online presence is the only way to find new work. But videos of your cat or a picture of a waffle fry shaped like Kentucky aren’t gonna cut it. In order to generate business opportunities, you need to have a business profile.‍

58% of employers are looking for confirmation of your qualifications. Having your licenses and carrier appointments clearly legible is the top priority. Additionally, be sure to list the languages you speak and extra training you might have pertaining to benefits consultations.‍

50% of employers are looking for a professional online persona. Keep your personal profiles private, and direct business opportunities to your business profile. Make it clear that you are an insurance advisor searching for new work.‍

Lastly, 34% of employers want to see what other people are posting about you. Client testimonials, quotes, and good reviews help prove your credibility and introduce you to potential employers.‍

Developing your online presence allows you to make a great first impression on any broker or enrollment firm with a computer. It also demonstrates that you have an understanding of working in a virtual environment; when remote-first populations need enrolling, you’ll be the first call.


Employee benefits consultants need to be able to communicate with a diverse range of employees. This means being sensitive to different cultural backgrounds, languages, and abilities. For example, you may need to provide materials in different languages or adapt your communication style for employees with cognitive disabilities. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure that your online resources and presentations are accessible to people with visual impairments, hearing loss, or other disabilities.

‍By embracing inclusion and accessibility, you'll not only better serve your clients and their employees but also differentiate yourself in the competitive employee benefits consulting space. It's essential to keep current on compliance requirements and best practices, as well as to educate yourself on the needs of different populations, such as people with cognitive disorders or those who require special accommodations during open enrollment periods.


The role of an employee benefits consultant is evolving. To excel in this field, consultants need to become well-rounded experts in benefit plans and strategies, able to support employees and employers in making informed decisions about their benefits packages. Embracing a remote-first approach, prioritizing accessibility and inclusion, and staying up-to-date on compliance and industry trends are all essential elements to becoming a successful employee benefits consultant.

The agility of carrier agnosticism, accessibility of remote-first practices, and reliability of an online presence make being an insurance advisor an excellent career path for entrepreneurs interested in flexibility and competitive compensation.

‍By understanding the unique characteristics of being an insurance advisor, you can set yourself up for success before making your presence known in the marketplace.‍

Whether you're just starting your career or looking to pivot into a new role, consider pursuing a job as an employee benefits consultant. It's a rewarding career that offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people's lives while also enjoying the flexibility and growth potential of the evolving employee benefits landscape.


As we've discussed the evolving role of employee benefits consultants and the essential skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's market, it's time to delve into another critical aspect of the industry: how to become a successful insurance advisor. In the next part of this blog, we'll explore the challenges you may face when entering the insurance marketplace and how to overcome them.

Until recently, the information and education required to enter the insurance marketplace were under lock and key. We'll examine various pathways to becoming an insurance advisor, such as going alone or partnering with platforms like Enrollify. We'll also discuss the importance of a remote-first approach, maintaining an online presence, and staying carrier-agnostic.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into these topics in the third and final installment in the series and provide valuable insights to help you excel as an insurance advisor in the benefits marketplace.

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