November ‘22 in the Press

December 12, 2022

It’s been a busy year for Enrollify

We’ve generated a lot of buzz in the industry, and we’re happy to see the prospect of Benefiting People making such an impact on readers around the world. Let’s showcase some of our favorite articles in November.

Bloomberg & Business Insider

Bloomberg & Business Insider both have us on our radar as we “Unveil [a] Novel Fix for Employer, Employee Benefits Problems.” Adam Michaels, our CEO, says it best:

"It's unlikely someone would spend twenty thousand dollars on technology and appliances for a house and then attempt to install using only a web portal and a handbook. Instead, they would rely on expert support for installation and explanation. Why should benefits be any different? Why should employees have to go at it alone?

LA Weekly

LA Weekly asks the question we’ve been asking since our inception; are employee benefits really benefiting anyone? When we at Enrollify say “Benefiting People,” we mean it:

Benefiting People is more than a clever catchphrase. It’s a commitment to delivering extraordinary value to every stakeholder in the ecosystem while solving a $3.57T problem.

More to come

We’re expecting more press in December, so spam that refresh button. Be there or be talked about!

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