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Becoming a Benefits Guru means capitalizing on the best parts of the corporate world and the gig economy. It’s an opportunity to liberate your inner entrepreneur and unleash your full earning potential. It means gaining control over your calendar and working on your terms. It’s about joining a game-changing community of generous givers that are focused on Benefiting People.  

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Whether you are brand new to the industry or a seasoned benefit counselor, differentiating yourself and monetizing your insurance licenses has never been easier. Upload a video introduction, add a biography & list your preferences. We will track performance metrics and customer feedback, so you get credit for the work that is often unnoticed.

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Whether brushing up on skills or fulfilling case pre-requisites, Enrollify’s library of professional development is an unmatched resource to advance your development, bolster your credentials, and increase your earning potential.

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With an abundance of on-demand work, the only thing keeping you from unlimited earning is a computer, an internet connection, and all the other things that you want to do that make your life rich. Build a profile. Receive an offer. Accept? Decline? The choice is yours.

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"I have found that being one of the 'agnostic enrollers' for Enrollify has been both eye-opening and rewarding. Employees who have done their enrollment the 'same way as last year' are surprised to learn in a short Enrollify meeting that they did not understand their benefits options, or had not been selecting benefits according to their need or situation."

Don Ruzicka, Benefits Guru

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