Elevating employee benefits
to new heights

At Enrollify, we bridge the gap between employers' offerings and employees' needs through a platform designed for clarity, engagement, and satisfaction. Discover how we transform the traditional benefits experience into something extraordinary.

Agencies & Enrollment Firms

Today’s clients demand more than spreadsheets, expensive lunches, and golf outings. They want strategies that address their concerns and results that protect their bottom line.

Enrollify's platform is the operational backbone of an agency’s strategy execution. It provides added control, increased transparency, and the technology, recipe, and people necessary to deliver results. Enrollify helps agencies win more business, deliver superior results, and differentiate from the competition.

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Agents & Entrepreneurs

What is the “New Category of Opportunity?” Enrollify merges the best of the corporate world and gig economy to liberate insurance entrepreneurs–unleashing their earning potential and allowing generous givers to be part of a community focused on benefiting people.

With a robust library of professional development and the ability to build credentials, Enrollify enables benefit professionals to negotiate and monetize their expertise.Agents now have the opportunity to work when, where, and how often they want without sacrificing work-life balance.

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Healthcare and benefit costs are growing at unsustainable rates— 2X the rate of inflation and 3X the rate of wages. Even though they represent one of the most expensive line items on corporate P&Ls that the employer has, these benefits packages are underappreciated by most employees, who are overwhelmed by their complexity.

Strategic efforts to contain costs fail as disengaged employees default to what they’ve always done 92% of the time.Enrollify amplifies corporate narratives: an integral part of an effective communication strategy. We neutralize apathy, increase employee engagement, and execute against strategic imperatives while helping employees feel cared for in the process.

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Employee benefits—specifically, the open enrollment process—is one of the most complicated and costly decisions American workers face each year.At an average annual cost of $15,000-$21,000, it can be intimidating, stressful, and overwhelming. Yet, in most cases, employees are left to make decisions with little more than an employee handbook or online portal.

The result? After only 32 minutes of uneducated review, approximately 80% make errant decisions costing them on average $1,431 per year.Our Benefit Gurus offer an empathetic ear and agnostic decision support. This vital part of benefits communication improves decisions and increases benefits satisfaction. The goal is to educate employees and increase employee satisfaction.

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Software that solves for a broken benefits delivery system.

Join the countless organizations that have elevated their benefits game with Enrollify. Let's make your employee benefits experience a model of efficiency and satisfaction.

Revolutionizing Employee Benefits Choices with Enrollify

Enrollify's guidance enhances both employee satisfaction and financial health, ensuring well-chosen benefits align with their needs. Enhancing Employee Benefits Decisions: A Closer Look at the Stats with Enrollify.
1. Reducing Costs:
80% of employees choose the wrong insurance, costing them $1400 extra on average. Enrollify helps avoid these unnecessary expenses.
2. Addressing Dissatisfaction:
50% are unhappy with their benefits, yet 90% don't change them. Enrollify encourages smarter, satisfying choices.
Providing Guidance:
93% want help making benefit decisions. Enrollify connects them with experts for informed choices.
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What does it mean to benefit people?

“Our goal is to revolutionize and reimagine an industry that is failing to benefit anyone. We’ve done this by using technology to eliminate systemic friction and focusing on delivering extraordinary value to each of our stakeholders.

In essence, we have created Uber meets Geek Squad for employee benefits to unlock consumer understanding and a new category of opportunity for those who serve as their guides.”

Adam H. Michaels, Founder & CEO, Enrollify

A Streamlined Approach to Employee Benefits

At Enrollify, we recognize the complexities you face and have crafted a streamlined approach specifically designed to empower your role in the enrollment process. Our strategy is built on a foundation of deep industry insight and innovative tools, aimed at simplifying the enrollment journey not just for employees, but for you—the architects behind the scenes.

From initial analysis and expert collaboration to the deployment of comprehensive support tools and the cultivation of feedback loops, our approach redefines the benefits enrollment experience, enabling you to deliver unparalleled service to your clients. Here's how we tailor the enrollment transformation specifically for benefits agencies and implementation companies:
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Intake and Understanding:

Our process begins with a deep dive into the benefits offerings and a thorough understanding of employee needs, taking into account language preferences, communication styles, location and more.

Expert Matching:

Utilizing our sophisticated system, we match employees with benefits gurus, expert consultants tailored to navigate the complexities of benefits selection.

Tools and Support:

We empower selected consultants with comprehensive tools and a rich knowledge base, enabling them to support employees effectively through the decision-making process.

Communication and Rollout:

A strategic communication plan is key. We ensure every employee is informed and engaged, paving the way for a successful enrollment period.

Engagement and Feedback:

Post-launch, we gather insights through employee surveys, allowing us to continually refine the benefits experience based on direct feedback.
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The holistic solution

We have fixed the broken ecosystem, leveraging technology to deliver a high-tech, high-touch solution that benefits everyone.

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Access To Human Decision Support

Employees are guided through the most complex and expensive decisions they make all year–filling the gaps in benefit awareness and understanding through a national footprint of credentialed subject matter experts.

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The Tools & Recipe

Meeting the expectations of today's marketplace requires the ability to provide holistic solutions–hyper-personalized communication, benefits education, and the development of sound benefit strategies.

Employee Engagement Amplified

An engagement and education solution that offers employees frictionless access to information and on-demand decision support from subject matter experts. Helping employees feel confident in their decisions and cared for in the process.

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