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benefiting people

Enrollify’s technology removes systemic friction and fragmentation by democratizing access to the tools, recipe, and people necessary to improve outcomes.

Our turnkey solution empowers our users to deliver a seamless, hyper-personalized benefits experience within an entirely turnkey platform–driving engagement, education, and sustainable growth.


the recipe to communicate
the organizational narrative.


technology tools to
drive active participation.


human decision support

benefiting people

We've reimagined a benefits ecosystem that is
broken for everyone.


Healthcare and benefit costs are growing at unsustainable rates—2X the rate of inflation and 3X the rate of wages. Though they represent one of the most expensive line items on corporate P&Ls, they are underappreciated by most employees who are overwhelmed by their complexity.

Strategic efforts to contain costs fail as disengaged employees default to what they’ve always done 92% of the time.

Enrollify amplifies corporate narratives to neutralize apathy, increase engagement, and execute against strategic imperatives–all while helping employees feel cared for in the process.


Employee benefits—specifically, the open enrollment process—is one of the most complicated and costly decisions American workers are faced with each year.

At an average annual cost of $15,000-$21,000, it can be intimidating, stressful, and overwhelming. Yet in most cases, employees are left to make decisions with little more than an employee handbook or online portal. The result? After only 32 minutes of uneducated review, roughly 80% make errant decisions costing them on average $1,431 per year.

Our Benefit Gurus offer an empathetic ear and agnostic decision support to improve decisions and increase employee satisfaction.


Today’s clients demand more than spreadsheets, expensive lunches, and golf outings. They want strategies that address their concerns and results that protect their bottom line.

Enrollify's platform serves as the operational backbone of an agency’s strategy execution. It provides added control, increased transparency, and the technology, recipe, and people necessary to deliver results.

The differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


What is the “New Category of Opportunity?”

Enrollify merges the best of the corporate world and gig economy to liberate insurance entrepreneurs–unleashing their earning potential and allowing generous givers to be part of a community focused on benefiting people.

With a robust library of professional development and the ability to build credentials, Enrollify enables benefit professionals to negotiate and monetize their expertise.

The opportunity to work when, where, and how often they want without sacrificing work-life balance.

what do employees say?

expert support

"She was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is truly an industry expert. Our call was customized to meet MY needs."

grateful for the education

"He was great, very knowledgeable. It helped me understand my benefits when I was so confused, so they went unused all year. 😊 I hope I get him as my Guru next year!"

i thought i knew it all

"This is an excellent service. We had a great session. I normally self complete open enrollment, but he provided valuable information on plans I normally disregard. I appreciate his knowledge and pleasant demeanor."'

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