Enrollify - the platform and people needed to improve benefits engagement and outcomes

Elevating employee benefits to new heights

Enrollify revolutionizes the traditional benefits experience, seamlessly bridging the gap between employers' offerings and employees' needs with a focus on clarity, engagement, and satisfaction. Through our nationwide network of credentialed experts, we provide scalable support and empathetic assistance, effectively tackling the execution gap.

Enrollment Execution

Created specifically for the employee benefits industry, Enrollify is an integrated platform that delivers improved employee engagement, operational efficiency, and the ability to deliver human decision support by members of your existing team or from among thousands of accessible benefit counselors nationwide.

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Agencies & Enrollment Firms

Today's clients seek more than traditional perks; they want strategies that safeguard their financial interests. Enrollify supports this by being the operational backbone for agencies, offering control, transparency, and the essential resources to deliver impactful results. This helps agencies secure more business and stand out from the competition.

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Agents & Entrepreneurs

The "New Category of Opportunity" that Enrollify introduces combines corporate structure with the flexibility of the gig economy to empower insurance entrepreneurs, maximizing their earning potential and community engagement. With a comprehensive library for professional development and credential building, Enrollify allows benefit professionals to effectively monetize their expertise. This enables agents to work flexibly and maintain work-life balance.

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Healthcare and benefit costs are growing twice as fast as inflation posing a significant challenge to corporate finances. Despite being a major expense, benefits are often under-appreciated by employees who find them too complex. Enrollify addresses this by enhancing increasing employee engagement and helping implement strategic cost-containment measures, all while making employees feel valued and cared for.

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Software that solves for a broken benefits delivery system.

Join the countless organizations that have elevated their benefits game with Enrollify. Let's make your employee benefits experience a model of efficiency and satisfaction.

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A Tech Platform for Benefits

We have fixed a broken ecosystem, leveraging technology to deliver a high-tech, high-touch solution that benefits everyone.

Easy to use Application

Enrollify's intuitive design streamlines operations and improves outcomes through its industry specific architecture. This not only eliminates the need to juggle 9 disparate utilities, it means that you can handle more volume with less people.

Real-Time Insights

Our dashboards offer transparency and a line of sight into exactly what is transpiring in real-time. This gives users the ability to monitor performance, identify trends, and adjust strategies to optimize outcomes.

Access Top Benefits Counselors

Platform users can invite their own team or source and compensate qualified benefits counselors from within the Enrollify network. Searches will provide insights into historical performance, licensing , and customer reviews, and more. Assembling the perfect team for your next case has never been easier.

What does it mean to benefit people?

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Adam H. Michaels

Founder & CEO, Enrollify

“Our goal is to revolutionize and reimagine an industry that is failing to benefit anyone. We’ve done this by using technology to eliminate systemic friction and focusing on delivering extraordinary value to each of our stakeholders.

In essence, we have created Uber meets Geek Squad for employee benefits to unlock consumer understanding and a new category of opportunity for those who serve as their guides.”

A Streamlined Approach to Employee Benefits

At Enrollify, we understand the complexities of the enrollment process and have developed a streamlined strategy that empowers those managing it. Our approach, grounded in deep industry knowledge and innovative tools, simplifies the enrollment experience for both employees and the professionals orchestrating it behind the scenes.

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Intake and Understanding

Our process begins with a deep dive into the benefits offerings and a thorough understanding of employee needs, taking into account language preferences, communication styles, location and more.

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Expert Matching

Utilizing our sophisticated system, we match employees with benefits gurus, expert consultants tailored to navigate the complexities of benefits selection.

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Tools and Support

We empower selected consultants with comprehensive tools and a rich knowledge base, enabling them to support employees effectively through the decision-making process.

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Communication and Rollout

A strategic communication plan is key. We ensure every employee is informed and engaged, paving the way for a successful enrollment period.

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Engagement and Feedback

Post-launch, we gather insights through employee surveys, allowing us to continually refine the benefits experience based on direct feedback.

Revolutionizing Employee Benefits Choices with Enrollify

Enrollify aims to enhances both employee satisfaction and financial health, ensuring well-chosen benefits align with their needs. Enhancing Employee Benefits Decisions: A Closer Look at the Stats with Enrollify.

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Reducing Costs.

80% of employees choose the wrong insurance, costing them $1400 extra on average. Enrollify helps avoid these unnecessary expenses.

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Addressing Dissatisfaction.

50% are unhappy with their benefits, yet 90% don't change them. Enrollify encourages smarter, satisfying choices.

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Providing Guidance.

93% want help making benefit decisions. Enrollify connects them with experts for informed choices.

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Emily Torres

Director of Client Services

"Our partnership with Enrollify has revolutionized our benefits enrollment process, significantly boosting both efficiency and employee satisfaction. Their platform's streamlined, tailored support has surpassed our expectations, enhancing engagement and satisfaction across the board."

Natalie Wu

Human Resources Manager

"Thanks to Enrollify, our benefits enrollment process has seen unprecedented improvements in efficiency and employee satisfaction. The platform's intuitive design and customized support have exceeded our expectations, enhancing user engagement across the company."

Lucas Martinez

Benefits Administration Lead

"Enrollify has been a game-changer for our benefits enrollment, increasing both efficiency and employee satisfaction dramatically. Their customized support and streamlined processes have far exceeded our expectations, significantly improving overall engagement."

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Carriers using our platform

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