What Enrollify Offers

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Enjoy Unparalleled Flexibility

Work flexibly from anywhere, setting your own schedules and rates to monetize your insurance knowledge.

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A Platform for Growth

Utilize Enrollify's Learning Management System to expand your professional portfolio and expertise in the insurance market.

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Earn with Confidence

Get paid daily for your work, build a distinguished profile, and gain the visibility needed to thrive as a recognized expert in the insurance industry.

Earn On Your Terms

Monitize your insurance industry knowledge and start earning today!

Per appointment

Earn per appointment, receiving payment for every employee you see, with the freedom to set your own rates and schedule. This model offers flexibility and control over your earnings and workload preferences.

Per Diem

Earn per diem for each day you work on a given case. This setup rewards you for every day of effort you invest, offering the freedom to manage your workload.

Execution Incentives

Earn additional income by enrolling employees in specific incentivized products. Payments are made directly by Enrollify within 45 days of enrollment.
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How It Works

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Expanding Opportunities:

Gain access to a network of leading insurance carriers, agencies, and enrollment firms seeking expert agents, enhancing your visibility and chances for selection.

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Flexibility and Autonomy:

Have the freedom to select opportunities that match your interest, negotiate terms, and define your work schedule, offering a prime balance between work and personal life.

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Transparent Earnings:

Directly negotiate your rates and enjoy the ease of daily payments, ensuring you're always informed about your financial rewards.

Requirements and Process

Getting started with Enrollify is quick and easy. Check out the steps below.



In order to be added to the Enrollify network, you must have an active insurance license.


Profile & Onboarding

Enrollify is a FREE platform for agents but does require that you fill out some paperwork online.


Credentials & Training

Once you're in the platform we have a ton of training to get you to Guru status making you stand out.

The Enrollify Commitment

Our web-based application allows you to seize every opportunity wherever you are. We equip you with essential tools and resources, but your success hinges on your ability to learn, evolve, and showcase your skills, paving your path to become a recognized expert in benefits enrollment.

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Joining Enrollify

If you're ready to elevate your career, become a guru, and fully monetize your insurance license in the field of benefits enrollment, Enrollify is where you begin.

Create your profile, engage with the platform, and watch as your career transforms. Join Enrollify now, and let's build your success story together.